College of shipbuilding engineering Faculty Emails

2: College of power and energy engineering Faculty Emails

PHD Tutor

Master Tutor

3: college of underwater acoustic engineering Faculty Emails

4: School of mechanical and electrical engineering Faculty Emails

5: School of Economics and Management Faculty Emails

6: School of Math

Link does not work yet

7: School of Foreign languages Faculty Emails


8: College of Aerospace and Civil Engineering Faculty Emails

PHD Tutor

Master Tutor

9: College of intelligent Systems Science and Engineering Faculty Emails

Electrical Engineering

10: College of information and communication engineering Faculty Emails

11: College of Material science and Chemical Engineering Faculty Emails

12: School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering Faculty Emails

13: Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Emails (

14: School of Nuclear Science and Technology Faculty Emails

15: computer science and technology Faculty Emails

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