Antinode For COVID 19

Frist we discuss ( what is dexamethasone)

Dexasone used for? A cheap steroid has reduced deaths from coronavirus infections, including in some critically ill patients with severe lung damage, according to British clinical trial results announced in a news release on Tuesday, according to British clinical trial results. Has helped prevent this disease.


The first drug to increase people’s chances of surviving Covid 19 is a novel coronavirus-related disease. This reduced the risk of patients dying on ventilators.ITS production by dexamethasone sodium phosphate eye drops.

Dexasone is a workhorse steroid commonly used to treat inflammation, including rheumatoid arthritis, and was given as a pill, liquid, or intravenous preparation at trial. Some other steroids are also being tested against Code 19.

“If it is worth repeating and if it is resolved then it is a great    victory.”




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